itchin in the kitchin

dear boat blog (and anyone else reading),

I hope you are well and that you have been keeping busy over these past few weeks.  I felt I should write to update on a number of things that have happened and continue to happen during this time.  First of all, the stove dilema was solved and we ordered a very nice, double sided, 6kw stove from ‘Natural Fires’ in ‘Byfleet’. (is this a nice place?).  The Natural Fire company have a very friendly logo of a cheery looking tree on their letterhead.  I don’t know how cheery I’d be if I was a tree advertising wood burning stoves. printed on paper.  Still- I guess it pays to be optimistic.  WHICH I am being- very. About the stove, because, let’s face it, it could still possibly be completely wrong or rather too large.

The exciting thing that’s happened is that the long-awaited kitchen units finally arrived over the weekend.  And they are everso rustic!  Oh yip! How rustic a kitchen it will be, complete with brazilian tiles and some pans we bought for £5 at a car boot sale last weekend.  £5 for 4 pans that actually work on our very specific induction hob.  They look like something you’d find in a kitchen from the past, and maybe aren’t so nice.  But they’re magnetic and therefore we love them because they saved us loads of money.  We have to install it properly, in the meantime we just arranged it roughly in the right order and then Pat went inside the big corner cupboard to see how much we’d fit in it.  And basically, it fits a whole lot. Which is excellent.  Next we’ll put up shelves and get all our colourful crazy stuff all over it and it will immediately look old and like it’s been there for a very long time.

Finally, we acquired a very exciting desk also from the car boot sale! See below!  It is a bit like Noddy’s Desk, in Noddy’s house. If I remember correctly.

I think that’s all for now, yours sincerely, etc etc.


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