pizza chain gang

It has come to my attention that the restaurant at the end of the road has painted it’s walls the same colour as our kitchen wall: the turquoise blue colour that I took my South American Hotel picture to the local B & Q to achieve.  Whilst this is not a major problem, it kind of upsets me.  I wonder if I was subliminally influenced by it.  To be honest, I thought I was immune to infiltration from interior design styles of major restaurant chains.  It makes me feel sick that I might not be.

Today has been a very long, very tiring day.  It started with tears and ended with a sort of grubby feeling, mostly because its still very warm in London.  There have been a few hiccups on the way in to the boat, which started with our exit from Dad’s which, to be honest was shoddy on our part.  I won’t go into details, but in our over-excitement to get on the boat, we forgot to say goodbye properly to those who had been sheltering and feeding us for the past six months.  So when I went back today to pack I was suddenly a bit overwhelmed with it all and as I hate moving anyway, I had another mini-meltdown.

The other hiccup is the water situation on the boat. The water does not come out of the taps, it violently ejects itself out- with big bursts of air in between.  I find this a bit traumatic, because you just don’t know when the next burst will be and then you might not be prepared for it when it does come.  Especially  if you’re washing up, which I do in the bathroom at the moment because we don’t have a kitchen sink.  Anyway, the main problem with the water situation is that every so often- particularly in hot weather, the water pump just decides to stop working, and the only way to get it to work again is to poke it with a broom.  Which was fine when there was a big hole under the stairs to poke it through.  But now it is complicated because Pat (I tend not to do this sort of thing) has to climb all the way up and round and down into the engine room to get to the pesky pump just to prod it.  So we will perhaps have to invest in a new pump soon.  See if the sputtering and silence improves.

Tomorrow, we have to order a wood burning stove, a kitchen cooker, a shower, the kitchen units and then we’re all set to sail to kentucky, if we want.  Except we would need to save up for diesel to propel us forth.  It is late, and the moon is big and green!  Also, it’s high tide, which is a good thing at bedtime because it makes you sleepy.

Oh, and also, the scaffolding you have to climb to get on to the boat is being changed to make it easier to get on, but in the meantime it’s harder because there’s no railing.  Maybe it’s a sign.



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