Ok. So I know it’s now the 15th July 2010 and I last wrote on 8th June.  My blogging is shameful and I am ashamed.  But I’ve been away.

So. BIG news.  We’ve moved in!!! OMG!!! LOL@!!! or whatever it is I should be exclaiming.  We have no kitchen and no shower, but we are ‘making do’!  Mum bought us a one-hob gas cooker and I’ve created a makeshift kitchen where the real kitchen will be.  We have painted everything in sight white, and, frankly, it’s looking good.  Right now I am sitting in makeshift kitchen watching the tide roll by, the sun is reflecting off the water making shapes on the roof and we are moving, quite a lot, as it’s windy.  I am very, very tired today because I haven’t stopped since we got in last Saturday.  The movement of the boat is new to me, so when the tide is high I get really sleepy, like a baby in a big cradle.  Either that or the toxic fumes are going to my head.  The old camera broke, so I am taking photos on my phone at the moment which I will upload- I also need to update the older photos- we have many from the interim, non-writing period.  Sorry- I know the photos are the best bit.  So far we’ve had a few friends over, and quite a few toddlers and crawly babies- which is interesting to observe as they get very excited and run or crawl everywhere shouting ‘boat!”, ‘it floats!’ and ‘AHOY!’, which I think is beautiful and exciting, but I am terrified they might lurch themselves off and, as Tammy pointed out yesterday- we don’t want a Micheal Barrymore situation on our hands.  Albeit without the swimming pool or the drugs.

So far it feels quite surreal.  The water comes in and out around us, I am finding my sea legs. OH! But the bath- I’ve had a bath at high tide and the water moves and you move and really it is so very special! Our bedroom is like a boutique hotel, really stunning, but we’re not used to it yet.  Every evening we change the configuration of the light dimness, because we have three knobs to twiddle and I’ve never had a dimmer switch before, ever.  And our clothes are in a pile on the floor still, even though we put some very stylish knobs (more knobs?) on the built in wardrobe (built in wardrobe!! ha ha! It’s SO BESPOKE!) which means we can officially open them now. We’ve just forgotten about putting things in drawers, at Dad’s our room is a sort of large laundry basket with some bits of furniture in it.

At night there are many sounds, every night a new sound and this is a wondrous thing.  Last night it was bubbles, thousands and millions of bubbles under our bed.  It rained a lot during the night and the tide came in, bubbling under our heads.  I woke up, perhaps the boat was sinking, but it wasn’t.  And then I dreamt of holes in the roof and puddles all over the new floor- oh what a floor (did we talk about the floor already??  It looks perfect- better then I ever expected).  And when I woke up I found one puddle because we’d left a window open.  On Sunday afternoon we both fell asleep, exhausted after all the moving and painting and impromptu barbecue the night before.  While we slept the tide came in and the boat rocked and swayed, and I fell in and out of drowsy half-sleep and the door to the bedroom creaked backwards and forwards- and, yes, it did, it felt like we were at sea, far out to sea.  The sun was warm that day and it came in through the porthole.

This boat is very special, and I don’t think I know what to feel about that yet.  Perhaps it feels like a fairy tale and there’s still more to come.  I’m quite sentimental today.  Yesterday, Pat and I had our three year anniversary.



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