The sun has finally come out!  This is good.  AND there are two other good things that happened yesterday: a birth in the family (little Max, Pat’s an uncle- yipeee!), and the bulkhead has been removed!   Tom and Stuart have cut out the bit of metal between the main boat at the front cabin, and apparently (I haven’t seen it yet) it looks AMAZING!  Tomorrow I shall go and take pictures of it.  I’ve been a bit low on pictures lately, must be ever-so boring.  That’s what happens when you have to go into work instead of spending the day being freelance and drawing things.  (Actually I might start drawing the boat instead of taking photos- or maybe as well as- that would be quite good).  Also Tom has advised that we get a Kabola boiler system for all the radiators which is much more expensive than what we’d planned- but apparently essential.  AND we’ve found a beautiful red stove which we want for the main living area- it’s also quite expensive.  Hmmm. At least I’ve got some work on, I suppose.  And we’re still waiting for the darned scaffolding planks which don’t seem to ever arrive.  Perhaps plan B will need to be instated.  Tom also mentioned something about Portholes for the front cabin, which could be interesting…  There will be a big skylight over the bed also.  I’m a bit jittery.  Must be the excitement of the film I’m currently editing.  It’s called ‘Insurance: the Big Opportunity’.



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