sunday, sunday

I popped by to do some small things that needed doing and it’s been raining a lot so a bit leaked into the boat where the chalet (also known as the hump) was cut off.  Have I ever mentioned the chalet/hump?  Maybe… Well anyway, it was a steel hump on the boat (you can see it on the pictures) so that you could get over it in the days when it was a conference boat.  We decided to cut it off as this would also be a good way to get the new tanks into the boat without having to cut a hole out the side windows.

Anyway it feels very rainy in London, and the sun is trying to get out, but not really succeeding.  So I walked over to the boat and when I got there I felt lazy and looking round at the general mess and state of it all made me a bit defeated.  I know it will get there eventually, just feels like a long way away today!  Hmmm… then I tried to get some more water out of the bit where the water lives (between the hull and the re-plating) and instead I think I hoovered out a load of waxoyl that Pat had put in- so I’m not sure my effort was very successful!

It’s very windy today so the boat was moving quite a lot and because there are no tanks in the bottom (all the diesel drums are on the roof) it feels very light.  I love the movement of it- I wouldn’t want it all the time as I might get sea-sick, but as the boat is only entirely out of the water for a few hours a day it’s kind of special when you feel it.  I imagine lying in bed with the skylight above me, the little stove going in the bedroom, the boat swaying away.  Pat will be outside making something, like a floating platforms for birds.  And I will be reading a book, and there will be lanterns and the smell of wood smoke and cups of tea and red wine when it gets dark.  And then friends will come and we’ll all sit in the kitchen around the wooden table and look at the reflections of the lights on the water.  That will be good.



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