not a lot of parties (and floorboards)

It’s a weekend off, so I feel detached from the general excitement of the boat. Tom the boat fitter is starting on Monday, putting in the piping and bits for the new tanks.  The tanks are due to arrive next week I think.  He’ll then be pretty much working on it full time for a few months (yikes).  We want to use old scaffolding boards as floor boards throughout the boat and have got a kind friend-of-a-friend who owns a construction company to give us some for free- he’s insisted. Then the joinery next to our old boat is going to help us plane them- this can be tricky because old boards may have bits of old nail and stuff in them so they can damage a planer.  Gerry at the yard has agreed to use old blades though and if they still prove difficult we may have to reconsider.  Then there’s the aesthetic question- it could look really nice with the big chunky floorboards- but it might look rubbish.  I’ve decided I’m very boring today- my writing is thoroughly uninspired.



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