the coots are breeding

I’m catching up slightly here because a lot has happened in the past five weeks and we’ve only just created this outlet.

So, basically, about six weeks ago we woke up one morning to find a single egg poised on the back of the boat where there is a small ledge.

We laughed at the vain attempt by some canal inhabitant to pick this particular spot as its choice nesting ground.

When we returned home that day we saw that the egg remained in the same place only now a piece of rope (ours) had moved closer to the egg and alongside it had been placed a single leaf and short skinny twig.  Ah-ha!  We thought.  The birds are setting up camp.

Six weeks later and the hopeless egg/leaf/rope/twig set-up has transformed into an uber-nest made of the finest canal ingedients (more twigs, weeds, plastic bags and coconut hair).  Proud owners of this fine habitation are mr and mr coot and THIRTEEN new eggs.  Not including the first one.

Should be a lively summer.



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