this is the name of the miraculous black stuff that you spray all over the bilge of the boat to make it rust proof. IT”S AMAZING.  Its a mixture of wax and oil and something else (sorry- I’ve forgotten but I’ll come back to it).  And it goes on like a treat.  So last night we got going. The tricky part is heating the oil or ‘oyl’ because it solidifies at room temperature- and kind of concretizes at boat temperature. We tried various experiments with buckets of hot water and kettles and trips to the tap outside because we’ve got no water hooked up (because there’s no tanks).  It was positively edwardian. In the end we stuck the tins in front of the big space heater we’ve got in there, which runs on kerosene, and that did the trick.  And them bish bash BOOM! on it goes…. more on saturday.



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