… gulp

So.  I haven’t written for over a month.  I know, this is a terrible predicament.  The cause of this absence is a combination of things.  1. The boat is far from ready 2.  I’ve been feeling very stressed out by the whole thing 3. Work is busy 4. The boat still isn’t ready 5.  The boat needs much work doing to it.  I thought I should at least put some recent photos up.  These are about 3 weeks old now, so more to come.  It’s all happening and the guys are doing an amazing job- but hey, as they say, it takes time. TIME. OH MY GOSH DOES IT TAKE TIME. So I’m going to have a boat break because I keep running over there every two days to see how it’s going, and of course, it’s going but the progress is slow- not much changes in 2 days.  The good news is that compared to the photos here, things have changed, so perhaps I shall spend more time away from the boat, looking at the old photos so that when I next go it will look significantly different.  As it stands it’s pretty much a building site, with a lot of fleas around it at low tide. And fifty million holes in the steel.  And rubbish on the roof.  And, well, I’ve decided that we must be quite a bit madder than I thought, and if we’re not then we will be by the time this is finished.  So, I tell myself (well actually Pat tells me because I don’t have rational thinking capabilities at the moment) it will all be ok.  It WILL all be ok.

Oh, we’ve spent a few nights in the wheelhouse which were wonderful- the first night I felt like I’d slept on a cloud and the next day when we woke up it was a beautiful sunny sunday and there were grown men playing cricket on the green- cricket, I tell you.  And the neighbours were taking the little boats out up and down the Thames.  It was like something from another time.

Also, pictures here show the scaffolding boards which we had to buy in the end- these are being laid down as floor boards- they look good.  And also the lining made out of space ship in what will be the bedroom…