a tankless task

yes.  here they are… the tanks. I’ve become a boat geek but as no one reads this (except you, dad) it doesn’t matter! hah!

These have got to come out because they are rotten and horrible.  So a poor soul has nominated himself to do it and then this weekend we’ll be scrubbing the inner lining of the hull with our delicate un-boatly fingers and making it cleaner.  And less damp.  Which is always a good way for a boat to be. Bet you can’t wait for the next installment! WHAT WILL HAPPEN??? Will the boat sink? Will there be dead things in the bottom? Will the tanks rebel and protest at being welded out??  At this stage: NO ONE KNOWS.

ship ahoy!

Excuse the incessant boaty puns, but it’s hard to resist sometimes.

So, Pennie is now owned by a new ‘captain’ and we have broadened our horizons and aquired the very special (and in need of much attention) ‘Seahorse’.  It’s very exciting, but also a bit daunting and the process of excavation has begun. First things first- I tore down the HIDEOUS curtains that were obscuring the poor boat’s ability to see. And then the carpets.  SO this is all good.  Next we knocked down a wall- it’s every new owner’s rite of passage to knock down a few things.