Fun things we do inside the boat to make it look nice.

today, I did hoover

All day long.  It was intense and groovy.  Dudes.  I’ve totally realised I need to jazz this space up.  I’m not sure quite how yet.  Perhaps bilge talk doesn’t much lend itself to jazzing.  So I had lunch, alone, a-top the roof of the good ship seahorse and I smiled. It was a sunny day with much to commend it. I walked to the sandwich place and a passer-by asked me if I belonged to the ‘eco-village’ (a collection of shabby looking tents which, to be fair, as a collective is an all round good effort in terms of sustainable shed-style living- I’ve been to visit it and they were very friendly and mostly called ‘India’).  I said no, and we had a nice chat, and I bid her good-day.