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grub part 3

Phase 3: Involves inviting friends over and they come and feel sorry for you but they help anyway for a few hours and we are VERY grateful.  Apart from Ian who came all the way from Brighton but didn’t tell his unsuspecting girlfriend Jo that she was going to be scrubbing a filthy bilge. Silly Ian. Poor Jo.

It’s looking a bit drier, no?

grub part 2

Phase 2:  Where we put on clothes we never want to see again and hack lovingly at the bottom of our boat.  Apparently it would be difficult to make a hole in it.  I love hacking though because it’s satisfying and I like getting rid of scum under the surface of things.  So this is a good job for me.  I am a diligent and conscientious worker. Pat is more of a ‘site-supervisor’ and spends most of his time rubbing dirt on his face (to appear harder working) and trying out new methods of doing things.  He’s more of a leader/innovator and I’m more of a worker/sheep.  You learn a lot about yourself doing this.

grub part 1

This weekend Pat and I set to scrubbing the bilge- that’s the bottom of the boat- the inside of the hull.  Where the evil tanks used to live and leak.  So its a bit like a large operation- moving the bad bits and cleaning it all and putting in good new bits (tanks in this instance).  It’s a filthy job.  We tried to make it appealing to our friends- but no one wanted to come.  I think it’s understandable.  Oh, and also we (I say ‘we’ but actually I had nothing to do with it) have tied up all the diesel drums to the roof of the boat while we wait for the new tanks.

the engine

Here are photos of the engine and the generator.  They are complicated and metallic. But with inspirational lines.

tanking you muchly

oh dear. the tank references have got to stop.  But the good news is….. dah dah dah…. they’re OUT!  The rusty contaminated decaying hulks of greasy manky tanky metal are well and truly OUT!  Thanks to (tanks to) Stuart and Tom.  BY JOVE WE’RE AWAY!! SKIPS AHOY!

Look how big they are.  BIG and dirty.